Barrasso Supported Richard Mourdock, Even After Mourdock Remarked That God Intended For Pregnancies Resulting From Rape To Happen.

According to Politico, “They don’t appear to be abandoning him despite his controversial remarks that God intended that pregnancies resulting from rape should happen… In this final push, to fire up the crowds and rally financial and political support to his side, Mourdock has leaned on an array of top Republicans, including Sens. John Thune, Marco Rubio, Dan Coats, John Barrasso, Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint. And after New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte scrapped her appearance with Mourdock on Wednesday in the aftermath of his rape comments and several GOP candidates criticized him, Mourdock turned to other Washington Republicans to back him. [Politico 10/26/12]

2009: Barrasso Voted Against A Bill That Would Have Prevented Federal Contractors From Forcing Complaints From Rape Victims Into Arbitration.

In October 2009, Sen John Barrasso voted against an amendment that, according to Congressional Quarterly, “bar[red] the use of funds in the bill for federal contracts in which contractors or subcontractors at any tier require employees to sign contracts that they will resolve, through arbitration, any claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or any tort related to sexual assault or harassment.” [Senate Vote 308, 10/6/09; Congressional Quarterly, 10/6/09]