Sam Olens Helped Draft RNC Platform Claimed Press Over Anti-Abortion Plank Was Overblown.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “The clamor over the Republican National Committee’s platform language concerning abortion is overblown, said Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens, who helped write the party’s defining document. By phone from Tampa, where he spent two days as one of 112 Republicans crafting a platform ahead of next week’s convention there, Olens said the platform’s approach to abortion is not as specific as many observers suggest. ‘The platform is silent as to the exceptions, and those are issues, frankly, for Congress,’ Olens said.” [The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8/24/12]

Claimed Plank Would Not Be Big Deal If Not For Akin.

On an August 26 interview on CNN, Olens said “Well, I mean, candidly, it’s pretty much the exact same language as 2004 and 2008. It has no reference to particular exceptions at all. And this wouldn’t be an issue but for Congressman Akin. The language is pretty much word-for-word for what we have had the last eight years.” [CNN, 8/26/12]