King Opposed Abortion, Even In Cases Of Rape And Incest.

According to the Associated Press, at a GOP primary debate King said “I am a fiscal and social conservative. I believe life begins at the moment of conception and I don’t make exceptions for rape and incest.” [Associated Press, 3/17/02]

King Compared Removal Of Abortion Language From Hippocratic Oath To Third Reich.

In a 2001 speech, King said “About 2400 years ago, Hippocrates wrote the famous Hippocratic Oath for doctors. It states in part, ‘I will give no deadly medicines to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in a like manner, I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion.’ The sanctity of life ethic was embodied in the Oath taken by physicians. It has been dropped from use in medical schools only twice in modern history—today and DURING THE TWELVE YEARS OF THE THIRD REICH!” (emphasis in original). [Pro-Life Speech by Senator Steve King, 1/22/01]

King Called Abortion “Holocaust” On House Floor.

In a statement on the floor of the House of Representatives, King said “I thank the gentleman from Arizona for organizing this Special Order tonight on this day that culminates a long period of time here in Washington across America where we have gathered together to march and to speak and to appeal and to pray for the end of this holocaust of abortion in America.” [King Statement, House of Representatives, 1/22/08]